Portégé Z830 review. Fan noise fix

Posted by on 09/04/2012

Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en inglés.

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  1. Julio

    No estaría de más que acotaras convenientemente la palabra “noisy”, explicando que los ruidos te molestan bastante, etc., etc., porque lo que para ti es ruidoso o muy ruidoso quizá para otros (¿bastantes?) sea un zumbido apenas molesto. :)

    • The Pabster

      Bueno, el problema del “noisy fan” de este laptop está muy bien documentado en internet. La mayoría de los “reviews” profesionales lo mencionan, aunque no todos le den la misma importancia. Por supuesto, siempre hay bienaventurados a quienes el ruido no les molesta. Pero como yo no soy uno de ellos, pues me interesa hacer hincapié en ese aspecto; sobre todo teniendo en cuenta que la causa no es tanto el diseño del portátil como la mala calidad del ventilador.

  2. Giuseppe

    About the fan noise, I read on some forum comments that

    “The fan itself is quiet.
    But, when the fan is inside the case, because of the really bad design of the copper pipe and “wings” – wings that cool the pipe, the air running out through the wings will make the BUZZ, very irritating and frustrating.”

    so apparently even replacing the fan with a more quality one, the sound should persist.
    If someone experimented a way to modify the way the air moves inside the laptop, maybe a plastic piece that diverts the flow, please share!

    • The Pabster

      Thank you. I read that comment too. It might be true, but I’d rather put the blame on the fan. Though I haven’t disassembled the laptop yet (because of the “security” central screw requiring a special screwdriver), when I put the ear to the chassis I perceive the fan noise as clearly mechanical.

      • Giuseppe

        I’m waiting for the security torx screw driver as well (hope the size is 6)!! lol..
        if I have news I’ll report here :)…

      • The Pabster

        lol! I’m afraid I’ll opt for remove that screw brute-force and then substitute it with a normal one. It’s sad that Toshiba is adopting the same “screwed ways” of Apple for preventing us from self repairing the machines.

        Appreciated any news if you have some.

      • The Pabster

        Update: my first attempt to brute-force unscrew the central screw has failed: the chassis is too weak to apply any considerable pressure to it. I don’t want to risk a damage to the inside components. I’ll need to sharpen my wits… or buy the damned Torx screwdriver, once you confirm it’s #6. :)

    • Jagan

      how do i fix this piece of shit lap top i bought this lap top and it only latesd 4 or 5 months and now its broken. it keeps freezing on me and keeps saying not responding to every thing and now i can only use it in safe mode any one have any ideas on how to fix it?

      • The Pabster

        How can I know? There can be one thousand reasons why your unit is “broken”. But if it’s only 4-5 months old, it should be under guarante. Therefore, my suggestion would be to google for the Toshiba technical service and get your laptop repaired.
        In any case, please note that I’m not a technician, nor a professional, nor this is a repair website nor post. Just a personal review on the laptop.

  3. Jose Ignacio

    The noise of the fan is non-acceptable. It’s imposible to use this computer in a meeting, too noisy. I have BIOS 2.something, but doesn’t work. Too noisy the fan. Any idea?

    Este ordenador es demasiado ruidoso. Imposible usarlo en una reunión, todo el mundo te mira. Parece un avión que va a despegar. Me arrepiento de la compra.

  4. Gordon

    Your review was at least ten times more in depth than any of the ‘professional’ reviews I’ve read whose soul purpose seems to be kissing Toshiba’s backside.
    After buying a Z830 today, I can’t agree more with your points.This fan sounds like two energizer bees making love.
    I’d also like to add that some buttons on the keyboard aren’t responsive, especially the spacebar.

    • The Pabster

      Thanks Gordon for your praising comment. I agree that most “professional” reviews seldom reveal the kind of essential information that would prevent users from making big mistakes in purchases. I reckon that these professionals are paid (money or in kind) for giving never-too-negative reviews, and as ambiguous as possible.

      My spacebar works flawlessly. However, previous to the Portégé Z830, I had two different units of the Satellite R830, and both had the same flawy spacebar key, plus some other bugs which I considered unacceptable on a brand like Toshiba. I returned both and got the Z830, and I’m happy with the keyboard. But maybe it depends on the manufacturing batch?

      Anyhow, I have good news for Z830 buyers: I’ve managed to silence the fan down to acceptable noise levels. It’s a kind of shoddy job, but for me works like a charm. I’ve updated the article with the necessary information.

  5. Ramon

    Hola the Pabster,

    veo que comentas muy detalladamente el problema del ventilador y sobre todo, explicas una solucion. Podrias explicarme en castellano para tratar de hacerlo?
    Muchas gracias de antemano

    • The Pabster

      Yo eso del castellano, dialecto románico que dio origen al español, lo desconozco; no soy tan viejo. Aparte del inglés, sólo hablo español. Si te sirve y la comprendes, puedo explicártelo en esta lengua.

  6. George

    Hey Pabster,
    do you mind making a youtube-video about the fan noise fix?
    I want to try it myself.
    Would help a lot.



    • The Pabster

      Hi George. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time for filming, cutting and uploading a video, nor (as you’ll understand) I feel much like undoing the whole thing and doing it again. Sorry about this.

      • Ramon

        Buenas tardes Pabster y perdóname por no haberte dado las gracias antes. He andado un poco liado y ni siquiera he tenido tiempo de mirar lo del PC. Tengo que hacerme con las herramientas para abrir la carcasa y luego, este par de gomitas. Creo que por la explicación que me has dado no voy a tener problema. No obstante, si tuviera algún imprevisto, no dudo en contactar contigo otra vez.

        gracias por la ayuda ciudadano Español! jeje

  7. Rudi


    Can you send me the size of the fan please? I want to change it completly…. So i need the three dimensions!

    Thank you very much!!!


    • The Pabster

      Sorry Rudi, but this Z830 is my working laptop. I don’t have it permanently disassembled, nor I can disassemble and assemble it every time someone needs some detailed new information. I think I’ve done enough for the community with writing the post.

      Anyhow, if you’re going to change yours completely, as you say, then you’ll need to disassemble it first. So, my suggestion is: once you have it in your hands, you can take the three dimensions yourself! :)

  8. Rudi

    Hi Pabster!

    Thanks for your work for the community. The fan is a 35x6mm one. I will try anotherone the next day.
    To your pictures: I cant see any differences to my open z830 without any mod. Did you take them before the mods?

    Thanks and cheers,

    • The Pabster

      Yes, Rudi. Unfortunately that’s the case: photos were taken before the mods, when I still hadn’t managed to figure out a DIY solution. If one of these days I find the motivation and the time, I might open the laptop again and photograph the “cooling” supplement. But I don’t think I’ll disassemble the fan, just in case after attaching it again my noise muffling gaskets don’t work any more… :)

      Anyhow, if you’e successful with a new fan, it would be good for everybody if you could post here the part number and where did you get it.


  9. Ramon

    Buenas tardes Pabster,

    por casualidad no estaras por UK??

    Te comento, no me considero un buen “manitas” y me temo que si abro el pc voy a romper algo…no cuesta nada preguntar antes y si suena la campana y estas por aqui y me echas una mano..te lo agradaeceria..

  10. Ernest Adams

    Thank you for this… one other thing is driving me nuts, and I wonder if you should shed any light. I bought the Z830-11J, top of the line, for my wife. Both Toshiba’s and the seller’s web site says that it’s 3G equipped. The Device Manager says that there is a 3G modem in it. But when I try to turn on the 3G modem using the Toshiba software, it says to “insert a SIM card” and I can’t find a SIM card slot anywhere, nor any other advice about it! Where’s the SIM card slot? Do you see one when opening it up?

    • The Pabster

      Unfortunately, my budget didn’t allow me to buy the top-of-the-line submodel. Therefore my unit doesn’t have 3G and, consequently, no SIM card slot, neither outside nor inside.
      But according to this website http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/support/items/faq/297 there are instructions in the user guide as to how to insert the SIM card. Well, at least I hope that the Toshiba crew can’t be that stupid as to sell a 3G laptop where you can’t insert the SIM card, can they?

      • Ernest Adams

        Thank you for your reply. There’s nothing in the manual. I’m starting to fear that they can be that stupid, and I have been ripped off. I’ll try calling customer support in the morning. :-(

      • The Pabster

        In such case, one of two:
        1.- Either your unit does not ship a SIM card slot, and you’ve been ripped off, or
        2.- The slot is inside the machine. Why don’t you try to take a look at the back cover? Besides the 13 normal screws, my unit has one special screw (in the centre, right under a rubber support), obviously meant to prevent us from opening it. But if, by any chance, your unit doesn’t have this special screw, that could be a hint that you’re supposed to open it, wouldn’t you agree? There’s no lose in trying.

      • Ernest Adams

        I found the answer by calling Toshiba. The SIM card slot is there. It’s on the right hand side, very subtle (and cheaply made), and you have to eject it with a paper clip. But get this: it’s not documented in the manual at all. The picture in the manual doesn’t show it (presumably because some models don’t have it). Sheesh. I know computer manuals aren’t very good these days, but that’s inexcusable.

      • The Pabster

        That’s good news!
        Thank you for sharing your experience here. Hopefully we’re contributing to help the buyers, as Toshiba people don’t care much about us.

  11. Ernest Adams

    Well, it’s not my machine, and it’s still in warranty… if they tell me it’s in there, then maybe I’ll try it.

  12. matteo

    thanks for this post!
    I tried to did the same trick to reduce fan noise with my new portege z830 and it worked quite well

  13. Gazwell

    Great review! and nice fixes. I came looking for screen replacement info but really enjoyed the detailed critique. Well done sir.

  14. Rudi

    After a long way i’ve found a fix for the fan noise of my z830: I’ve replaced the fan with the original fan of the z930. The result is amazing: The fan stands up to a higher temp totaly still. If the core temp reach a certain level the fan goes very slowly on. So now its quite a perfect ultrabook!!! – If you come from germany, i could help you! I was trying many fans and this one is really great! And its a original one…

    • The Pabster

      Really? Are they swappable? Does the z930 fan fit perfectly within the z830 slots? And is the z930’s really silent? That would be a great news. I would go for it inmediately, except for a little problem: what if the improvement is not really that much, or not at all? I would end with two noisy fans, after having made Toshiba shareholders wealthier.

      Anyhow, where can I order that fan? How can I get hold of one? How much did you pay for it?

      By the way: can you post the part number of the Z930’s fan? Thank you.

  15. Rudi

    Its really great! The fan starts later and is very silent until 80°C. The fan fit perfectly. Its exactly the same chassis.
    On ebay one seller wants 80$ but i paid about 25€ incl. shipping. Just search for the toshiba part number “P000559330”.

    • The Pabster

      Thanks! I’ve already found a couple of part providers selling that fan around 25 € with shipping. But can you please tell me how do I find my own fan’s part number? The code I read on a sticker on it doesn’t look like a part number at all, and, on the other hand, I wouldn’t like to find out that my present fan’s part number is exactly P000559330, as it would mean that I’d be buying exactly the same fan…

      I’m thinking all this because I’ve also seen that Ebay crazy seller asking USD 80 for the fan (plus US 20 for shipping to Europe) and the numbers on it are EXACTLY the same as the numbers on my fan; so I really doubt that it belongs to a Z930 or, if it does, then it has to be EXACTLY the same fan. Therefore I won’t experience any improvement. I hope I’m making myself understood. Sorry about my English.

  16. Rudi

    Where do you come from? ;-)
    I understand your doubts about the part number. This was also the risk of mine while ordering the new fan. In my case everthing is fine now…so its your decision! But 25€ for a silent z830 is not that much, isnt it?
    By the way I was ordering the new fan at Theracon GmbH.

    • The Pabster

      I usually live in Spain. Totally agree: 25€ for a silent Z830 is quite a deal. But if it doesn’t improve things, then it’s lost money. I don’t know. I think I’ll finally order the new fan. :)

  17. Lunr

    Thanks for the great review. I also use a z830. I have never been a sound sensitive guy, but the noise this machine makes is unacceptable. As mentioned in the comments the professional reviews are scam, of all the reviews i had read only one or two mentioned this horrible fan sound, and they did that in a very mild way.

    • The Pabster

      Thanks for your comment. Certainly, if I’ve learnt a lesson writing my review, it’s this: professional reviews are unreliable. They may be of some use for getting an overall idea about a product, and of course you’ll learn about every positive side of it; but if we really want to know the weak points, then don’t rely on professionals. We’d rather look for normal consumers’ opinions.

  18. Quintin

    Hi Pabster,

    Thank you for the very informative review :)

    I just wanted to confirm whether the Z830 uses a standard sized mSATA 128GB SSD, and thus would allow me to upgrade it to perhaps a faster, OCZ Nocti mSATA SSD.

  19. Awayze

    Hi, did you buy a Z930 fan and try it in the Z830 and see if it improves?

    I wouldn’t mind buying one as the Z830 fan motor noise is annoying, not so much the air swoosh but the actual fan.

    • The Pabster

      I’ve purchased the Z930 fan. Results? It’s certainly a bit more silent, but not a big improvement on top of my “MacGyiver” fix. I’d say: if you’ve got the skills to place rubber gaskets between fan and chassis, that’s a cheaper option. If not, probably you’ll be happy replacing the fan.

      • maurizio

        HI pabster,

        i’m about to buy a z830 (either brand new 10r (i3) or second-hand and practically new 10f (the i5 one)… but only if i’m sure i can fix the bloody fan:

        can you please help me understand better where to position the gaskets? are you supposed to put one on the upper and one on the lower side of the fan enclosure or what? and where exactly, especially on the side with the fan spinning (upper side picture)?
        Placing a couple of GIMP circles on the right spots in your pics would be super great but i know i’m asking too much now!

        one last question: can you work in quiet environments without being frowned upon, after your fix?

        anyhow, thanks for sharing!

      • The Pabster

        I have in mind to improve the post with some additional pictures, but meanwhile… I’m sure you can fix the fan, and you’ll see how to do it the moment you open up the laptop.

        Certainly, after the fix, I can work in quiet environments without being frowned upon. :-)

  20. tomatisp

    The Pabster
    Gracias por tus aportes para solucionar el ruido de nuestra z830.
    Estoy por desarmarla y tratar de solucionar el problema a la “MacGyver”.
    Podrias detallarme en español:
    1- como se remueve el tornillo de seguridad?
    2- que tipo de goma usaste para minimizar la vibracion?
    3- en que lugar la colocaste?
    Gracias nuevamente

    • The Pabster

      Tomas: no sé cómo se “remueve” el tornillo de seguridad. Yo me limité a quitarlo.
      En cuanto a la goma, usé caucho “vulgaris”, de un neumático. Y la coloqué entre los dos soportes del chasis y los dos soportes del ventilador.

      • tomatisp

        The Pabster
        Gracias por tu respuesta.
        Intente disminuir el ruido del ventilador, pero no mejoró.
        Creo que el problema puede ser el lugar donde coloqué el caucho.
        No termino de entender cuales son los dos soportes del chasis y los dos soportes del ventilador.
        Sera mucho pedirte si me podrãs inicar el lugar donde vos lo pusiste, con alguna flecha en las imagenes que subiste en tu web?
        Muchas Gracias

  21. Jürgen

    i have a different z830-11J version.
    Fan is although noisy ..

    These Notebook has Intel AMT 7.0 Firmware inside.
    Toshiba will not support Windows 8 or any firmware upgrades for this baby.

    So i did some research. The latest Intel AMT ME Firmware Update is binary identical to the “HP EliteBook 2560p Notebook” Version (sp57820.exe).

    Toshiba will not publish a firmware update under Windows 8.
    Toshiba latest firmware is

    Assuming that the binaries for z830-11j and 2560p are identical,
    the latest HP AMT ME Firmware should work.

    I flashed the HP Version (sp58889.exe) and all is fine right now.
    I still need to test AMT access.

  22. Heidi Kjær

    Thanks for this article. I replaced my fan on Z830 with the one from Z930 (P000559330), I also placed two homemade rubber gaskets under the two screws holding the fan. I made the rubber gaskets from an old silicone mouse mat.

    The transformation is amazing, I can only hear the fan, when it is running on absolute full power, when I’m gaming, otherwise it’s really really quiet – even when I put my ear down to the keyboard – it’s NOT audible.
    It’s like a new laptop, I’m so happy!

    I also had trouble opening the laptop when I got to the security “torx” screw in the middle, I did the same as you, gently hammering a tiny screw driver against the little pin untill it fell off, but I would recommend buying the right tool, it took me a lot of effort and it was so small I could almost not see what I was doing. After removing the pin I was now able to use a regular size 6 torx.

    I did not have to remove the battery or any other parts, it was piece of cake after getting past the strange screw holding the bottom chassis.

    1. Unscrew the chassis.
    2. Unscrew the two screws holding the fan.
    3. Gently unplug the old fan.
    4. Screw on the new fan, remember to place two rubber gaskets in between the laptop and the fan.
    5. Plug in the new fan.
    6. Assemble chassis, done.

  23. Mathieu Lafrance

    Just wanted to point out that I’ve put rubber washer everywhere I could see the fan touching something. It really helps !

  24. Eugene vd Meer

    Hi there,

    After “stumbling” across this website I read with great care your article on how to make the fan noise all but disapear from a Z830 ultrabook. Please note mine is a Satellite Z830, so the “lesser” brother of yours except for the noise problem…:-)
    As you did not posted ant pictures of your solution I sort of made up mine:

    After removing the 2 screws holding down the fan I stuck two rubber feet (similar to the ones underneath the ultrabook) to the bottom (the underside of the keyboard that is) and I used an O-ring made of rubber (one that is used in the syphon under a bathroom sink) on top of the fan before closing the machine up.
    The first attempt was with 2 O-rings but I noticed that a hugh bulge appeared in the keyboard where the
    first O-ring pushed against the underside of the keyboard!!! Not really good for the keyboard or case.
    (Makes you wonder if the case has any metal in it…..)
    So my solution was with the 2 rubber “feet” (actually they are doorstops from an Ikea kitchen….-:))))
    and so far the noise level has been reduced a lot! Also need to tell you I did buy a new fan and this one
    makes per default less noise and that the fan is NOT fixed anymore with the 2 screw to avoid as much contact as possible!
    I just hope Toshiba has learned its lesson and start using proper fans that do not make as much noise as the Original one in this ultrabook..

    Thanks for your inspirational article!!


    • The Freelander

      Thank you for commenting and improving the article.
      Unfortunately, I’m sure Toshiba will learn nothing from our struggles, except perhaps that their customers will work their way through faulty products without complaining, so they (Toshiba) can continue building faulty hardware (therefore bigger profits) and we’ll keep buying it. The only thing that would actually help improve Toshiba’s products would be… returning them! :-)

    • javi

      Hi, can you tell me which fan did you buy? And by doorstop in ikea, do you mean the plastic in this thing?


  25. Javi

    what an interesting post. Today I will try to do the “McGiver solution” hahaha.

    Btw, can someone tell me if this fan is the Z830 fan to buy?

    I found you were talking about P000559330 model but this one has another number.

    And, two more questions, I’m thinking to upgrade the RAM for a 4gb slot. Would you recommend me any in particular?

    Last one is about the battery, after 3 years I’m thinking to replace it. I only found this website
    but they don’t have it in stock. Do you know any other websites if you have already bought one?


    • The Freelander

      As you can read in the item description, the fan you link has been removed from a laptop, so it’s probably the original noisy one, not the less noisy. I don’t remember where I bought the replacement. I don’t remember either where I bought the 4GB RAM module (which I also upgraded). As to the battery, that’s the right one. I’ve just bought a replacement battery myself a few days ago. Only be careful where you live and where does the battery come from, because you might have to pay customs on top of the price.
      Good luck!

      • Javi

        Cool, thanks for the reply. I just did your trick using some mouse mat or whatever is the name, haha, but it seems that is still noisy. But maybe it wasn’t the best to put between the screw fan and the hole in the board. (It’s hard to explain, haha – between the screw and the hole where you screw).

        Can you tell me where did you buy the battery? It looks like there isn’t going to be stock ever in the webpage I put. Right now I’m living in Finland. I ordered a couple of times and I never had problems, but who knows… Don’t worry about the RAM, I got the model I have to buy.

        But it’s too bad you don’t remember about the fan. It’s quite hard to find a good one and I’m afraid to buy the same I have.


      • The Freelander

        Hmm… I don’t know how do you make your Ebay searches, but I’ve just put “P000559330” within the search field and I’ve got this result: Portégé z830 fan in Ebay
        As to the “doorstop”, I don’t remember ever having mentioned any such thing. Maybe someone else wrote that comment. Read carefuly the post comments. :-) Anyway for the “silent block” washers I just used ordinary rubber cut out from a bycicle’s tube.
        As to the battery, I bought this one from France, super fast delivery (in two days it was at home).
        Ahora me debes una caña. :-)

  26. Javi

    Hahaha, I read the doorstop in the previous comment, but I will try with the bycicle’s tube.

    Thank you for all the links, I put the same in ebay but I didn’t got anything, maybe it was ebay.es and I didn’t realize. Thanks for the battery link, a bit more expensive than the one I checked, but if the delivery was fast, I’ll buy it. Let’s see if they send to Tampere, haha :D

    Y si, te debo una caña, pero en España, que la cerveza finesa no es muy allá :D

  27. Javi

    Well, I did, I put some rubber from a bycicle’s tube. And it looks much better I have to say. But still, when it goes crazy, the noise is still there. With one air spray, I cleaned it but I also noticed that the fan itself does a lot of noise, so I might buy the z830.

    Anyway, 100% recommendable to do the rubber trick ;). However I tried with other materials and they didn’t work for me.

    One more question, this is a picture of my fan. If you see the metal part that conducts the hot to the fan is a bit dark, like burn… is like that in yours or is mine that it is really burnt


    If you can’t see the pic.

    • The Freelander

      Glad it worked. Anyway, my laptop’s fan rarely kicks in because I’ve modified some of the BIOS settings. You can take a look there and try to play with those settings. No fear, because you can easily revert them to factory settings with just one click.
      As to that piece of metal, of course it has to be dark coloured: it’s copper! Don’t worry about that. If your laptop had ever been so hot as to “toast” some metal part, everything else would have burnt and it would be a bunch of ashes by now. :-)

      • Javi

        Well, it still makes a lot of noise. Now for example it’s only at 63ºC and it is killing me. I’m trying to find a cheaper fan in ebay (the P0005….) but it is 50euros everywhere.

        Do you have the 1.80 BIOS? Do you know if it is possible to install a BIOS version from Linux?

        I have to say than when the fan is not going really fast the noise is reduced, but when it starts… I just want to throw it from the window…

      • The Freelander

        Latest BIOS version is 1.80, EC version 1.30. You can’t flash a BIOS from Linux, but you can create a MS-DOS boot USB and install firmware from there.
        You say “only 63 ºC”? Mine hardly ever gets above 53-55. Maybe that is why.
        I don’t know how much I paid for the Z930 fan. Probably less than 50 €. Yet if noise kills you (as it DID kill me), it’s way cheaper than ditching the laptop. :-)

  28. Javi

    Yep, I found one spanish webpage that I can get it for 30euros. Then I will ask my family to send it to Finland, hahaha.

    I put 1.70 BIOS from linux yesterday (using a usb). (I had 1.80 and I read that it was even worse). However i didn’t notice any improvement.
    I put here the link I follow.

    I went to have lunch and my computer was suspended. I just start it again and this is what the sensors say:

    • The Freelander

      Fanwise, I don’t remember noticing any difference between 1.70 and 1.80 BIOS, so I kept the update. Thanks for the link for the Windowsless BIOS update. I’m going to include it in the main article.
      Definitely your CPU usage is much higher than mine, which means you make the most of your computer. No wonder the fan doesn’t give you a break.

  29. Javi

    Now it looks it is much quiter. However if you can tell me what BIOS configuration you have, I will appreciate it.

    I have this:


  30. StevoTheDevo

    Another thankyou for this post.
    I bought my Portege R830 (with docking station) secondhand in As New condition for only $200 Australian, I suspect it’s sat in a cupboard its entire life cause even the battery seems pretty fresh for a 5 year old machine!
    It’s a beautiful machine but after installing Linux and running some CPU intensive operations, the machine would hang with the Fan at full speed (a recurring, intermittent and unresolved problem with Toshiba Laptops and Linux apparently)
    After implementing these suggestions, my fan rarely runs and when it does, it runs quieter (whether that’s as a result of the vibration insulating, or just that it’s running slower cause the CPU is naturally cooler, I can’t say as I didn’t benchmark temperatures before implementing the fix.
    I used some self adhesive Copper foil salvaged from a Digital Radio (which still functions perfectly fine sans most of this foil) and thickened it out to ensure compression with the lid using some Aluminium foil.
    The body certainly gets pretty warm now, but I can live with that..

  31. Marc

    Has anyone tried changing the thermal paste on the CPu and GPU? I think this could lead to better passive cooking (I.e. without fan. I’ve got the r930 and I hate the fan noise.

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